Camp Day 5- Water Works and more reflections…

Although today was the last day of camp, we have planned to continue with monthly meet ups as per the youths request. Another successful water week! To thank the youth for researching this week with us, we took them to Wild Water Works to continue thinking with water in a different context. One of the youths mentioned how she thought it was “wasteful ” having all of this water for our leisure. Others questioned where the water came from, how the waves were made in the wave pool, and how much water was being consumed and used in the Waterpark. I too thought about various people within and outside of Canada who do not have access to clean, safe water and what it meant for me as a white, Western female to have the privilege to spend time in an abundance of water for leisure purposes. I have learned in the past about how fountains were said to have been a symbol of wealth and luxury and I wondered too if water parks had the same status.

I remember once during my time in Brazil hearing about a water park on the radio. In excitement I said to a friend that we should go. Perhaps it was just for this one specific water park water, but I was informed that water parks were for the “less advantaged”. it was a place for them to go and cool off in the hot summer heat. I was also told that it was dirty. Were water parks in other places held to the same standards? It seemed crazy to think that these wildly expensive places were meant for the poorer peoples of society. It got me thinking again about the privatization of water and capitalism. Which got me thinking again about who has access, who doesn’t have access, who pays, who benefits? It seems like a never ending circle.

But all in all, through out this camp, there were little glimpses of hope. Whether it would have been from the actions or comments of the youth, or simply from the word “hope” popping up in our discussions with some of the guests who were invited to the farm, notions of hope were present in a few forms

It is from here that we will continue to meet monthly and engage in various conversations- to think more about the future of our water and continue to be hopeful about our shared futures with water on this planet and beyond…

I had an amazing week at camp! Thank you so much to Kelly from Camp and to all of the youth. I love everything about our collaborations and can’t wait to continue this water camp with our new water meet-ups.

…more posts from the youths to come